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Jenny Freeman therapy room
How I work

I am a Person-Centred therapist who provides talking therapy, one-to-one. For many people, the term "Person-Centred" is not something they are familiar with.

The best way for me to describe what "Person-Centred" means to me, is that my approach is based on the philosophy that my client is central to the work and I don't analyse or attempt to be an expert on your life. My job is to help you get to know yourself better. I will be compassionate, respectful and curious about how you experience life. I will ask questions and offer non-judgemental observations about what I am hearing.


I believe the nature of real change takes place on a deep level and is led by the client themselves. Through being able to explore, without fear of judgement, what is distressing, painful, shameful or deeply buried, a person can begin to free themselves from the pain of past experiences. 

You will set the aims of our work together and we will agree what you would like to gain from therapy at the outset.

My aim is to help to facilitate a shift in my clients, so positive change is lasting and liberating.

"It is the client who
knows what hurts,
what directions to go,
what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried."

Carl Rogers, 1961

Common issues I work with include:

• Depression/low mood • Covid pandemic-related stress • anxiety • addiction • relationship issues • bullying • panic • stress • burnout • sexuality • trauma • abuse of all types • bereavement • suicidal ideation • low confidence • feeling lost and frustrated • women's issues • work-related issues • divorce and betrayal

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