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I am happy to offer sessions that are face-to-face in Guildford GU2, or maybe it's easier for you to have your sessions by telephone or Zoom.

I have been working as a telephone counsellor throughout the Covid pandemic and I'm pleased to report that I find this method just as effective as face-to-face. This means it can be a good way to slot your sessions into your schedule without travel times to factor in. I am happy to discuss this further if you feel this option would be good for you, especially if you live further afield. Zoom sessions are also a good option, if you have a private space with a secure internet connection, where you can speak confidentially.


The Therapeutic hour is 50 minutes, taken at the same time and day each week. 

I will try to offer you a session time that fits comfortably into your life and I will be as flexible as possible in negotiating this. Once the slot is agreed, I recommend we do weekly sessions for the first 6-12. Then we can review the regularity if this is your preference for reasons such as time and budget. 

You are free to stop coming to therapy at any time if you feel you need a break or you simply want to stop for any other reason. I ask for two weeks' notice where possible.

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“If the essential core of
the person is denied or suppressed, they get sick – sometimes in obvious ways, sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes immediately,
sometimes later.”

Abraham Maslow


I offer a free no-obligation 20 minute chat to discuss your needs and to see if we might be suited to working together.

£60 per session for standard 50-minute session in person or by Zoom or telephone.

Students: £45 per session for daytime Zoom slots.

Please note: Full fee is due if session is missed without 24 hours prior notice.

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